60" (5ft. Clocks)

We are the only company in the world that has over 400 clocks made in 60 inches. We can have such a great selection because we make the clocks as we get your orders.  We try to get them done quickly...It usually only takes 14 business days or less to make your huge clock.

If you find a wall clock that is ALMOST perfect if it just didn't have (_______) or if it just had (___________), please let us know. Since we make your clock to order, we can make some small tweaks.

We also offer our Wood Pallet Clocks in 60".  They are AMAZING.  The price is so reasonable considering how much work they are to make.  Please check them out under Handpainted clocks. Click here: Wood Pallet Clocks

All the wall clocks below come in 60 inch diameter (5 ft diameter!!). Our large wall clocks are unique in that you can select the size you want in most styles. To see which size is best, cut out a piece of paper into a 60 inch circle and tape or pin it to where you want your clock. You will be able to see how that size looks in the space. If it is too large, try the next smaller size-- 48 inches. Newspaper is great to use to cut out your clock template because it is large and readily available. It may be necessary to tape a few pieces of newspaper together if it is not large enough. You can even tape your templates on the wall up and then take pictures of each size of paper clock so you can easily compare them side by side.

Most of our 60 inch clocks weigh about 60 pounds and are come with an easy hanging cleat system.