48" (4ft. Clocks)

All the wall clocks below come in 48 inch diameter. We have an amazing selections of 48" clocks--we have about 400 clocks you can choose to make in the 48" size. These clocks are 4 feet in diameter! Since we are the manufacturers, we can offer them at a very reasonable price (considering how much they cost to ship!). Our large wall clocks are unique in that you can select the size you want in most styles. Remember, you can add your name or to our wall clocks or you can make a logo clock by adding your logo. Some companies require multiple orders, but you can order just one logo clock. Many of our customers buy one and love it so much that they order more!

If you see a clock you ALMOST love if one or two things were changed, please let us know. We can usually help you out. For example, if the clock has roman numerals and you would rather have regular numbers, please let us know. We can do our best.

To see which size is best, cut out a piece of paper into a 48 inch circle and tape or pin it to where you want your clock. You will be able to see how that size looks in the space. If it is too small, you can go up to the next large wall clock size (60 inches) or if it is too large, try the next smaller size 36 inches. Newspaper is great to use to cut out your clock template because it is large and readily available. It may be necessary to tape a few pieces of newspaper together if it is not large enough. You can even tape your templates on the wall up and then take pictures of each size of paper clock so you can easily compare them side by side.